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Madison Ayurvedic & Massage’s Service Offerings are listed here.  Please click on an individual service or therapy to find out more and to see rates. 

To book a Service please email info@madisonayurveda.com, call (608) 509-8140, or click HERE to use our online scheduling system.

Massage is about relaxing muscles, increasing stimulation, and increasing awareness between body and mind.  The massage therapist’s job is to pay attention to the client’s needs and facilitate that best experience to meet those needs.

types of massage offered:

  1. BulletDeep Tissue

  2. BulletSwedish

  3. BulletBreast Massage

  4. BulletPregnancy Massage       

  5. BulletOncology Massage

  6. BulletRaindrop Therapy

  7. BulletHot Stone Massage

  8. BulletMassage Add Ons

Sabrina will do an intake consult with you upon your first visit to see what your massage preferences and needs are.  Please schedule an extra 15 minutes for this during your first visit.

In an effort to keep massage affordable and accessible to returning clients, Over the Moon Massage offers clients who would like to receive at least one massage a month the opportunity to participate in Massage Membership.  Click on Massage Membership here or on any of the pages to find out more.  Please also take a look at our coupons if you would like to try out services before signing up.

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An ayurvedic consultation is a health consultation in which a client meets with an ayurvedic practitioner to discuss their health concerns and health history in order to receive dietary, lifestyle, yoga, pranayama (breathwork), and therapeutic bodywork recommendations that would improve their specific health conditions. Using traditional ayurvedic diagnostic tools such as pulse, tongue, and facial analysis, the ayurvedic practitioner will assess one's bodily constitution (prakruti) and any imbalance (vikruti) in order to bring balance to their doshas (bodily humours) and heal any ailments.

Energy work accesses the subtle channels of the body known as nadis in Ayurveda, also known as meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It helps to balance the chakras, which are seven centers of energy within the subtle body or aura. Each chakra relates to certain organs, emotions, and functions of the body and mind. Energy work brings balance to the chakras, improves flow of prana, helps to calm the nervous system, and reduces physical pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Energy work can also helps to bring greater clarity and emotional balance during difficult periods in one's life. Energy work is highly beneficial for those recovering from loss, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.